Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette Carpet is excellent one. The word carpet has a French root. In fact, Carpet is pronounced in English. Carpet is a very popular carpet. In the houses. At offices On the floor of some cars. In planes. On the floor of the show. At movie theaters. In theaters and conference halls, other hotels are used. In hotels, carpets are used for floor coverings. Carpets have different types of quality. Some of them have a high thickness and a lot of pearls. Others are Kota fibers . 

Some of its cheap types are made from glue for fibers. In expensive types of fibers are woven together. Or a combination of glue and tissue for fibers. Polyester carpets have the largest volume of production. Because they are very reciprocal. And they have a good price. There are also various woolen carpets. These carpets excel in all respects on polyester types. But they have a weakness. That is, they are expensive. Purchasing these carpets for specific purposes. It is also used for expensive hotels. Or for ceremonial venues . 

Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette Carpet

Why carpet is popular

Carpet is a flooring that has its own fans due to its abundance. Features such as sound absorption, good sense of movement when moving, the ability to wrap designs and colors with other parts of space and so on. Some carpets have a higher standard of quality and standard, and in addition to longer durability, they create countless options for design. Lacquer carpets are available in rolls and tiles, and then you can see the top brands of them . 

Highlights on carpet selection

Highlights on carpet selectionAt the first step, pay attention to the space you want to carpet it with. The amount of traffic is one of the important factors in choosing a carpet. If you are looking for suitable carpets for spaces such as a corridor or living space, use durable, sturdy and thick carpets. Traffic is high in spaces such as the hallway, entrance and living space, and if you choose a lush carpet for these spaces, they will soon lose their beauty and shape. Carpet is the main component of home decoration . 

Caring for Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette & Carpet

Caring for Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette & CarpetIn the next step, think about how much care you are from the floor? Keep yourself straight. If you have a small child at home. Or have a crowded family. Your carpet is likely to become dirty at short intervals. Full of food and dust particles and so on. And you must clean it sooner. If you have a small child at home. The importance of this work becomes twofold. Because kids usually play on the floor. And contamination of the floor may cause your child’s illness. Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette Carpet are good. 

Choose colored carpets

Now that you have chosen your carpet type and sex. It’s time to choose the color. Consider the space of space. And with that, specify the color range. In general, brightly colored floorboards show great space. Dark flooring makes the space look a little smaller. If you have a small space and want to look big and bright. When choosing a carpet color, go to brightly colored models. It also shows small space carpets. Multicolored carpets and dark colored carpets show slightly smaller space. Do not forget this point too. However, none of these laws and regulations are indisputable. If you like , you can choose dark blue carpet for a small space. Be sure what your personal taste is. The best choice for your home decoration will be. use Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette Carpet. 

Newest Models of Ribbed moquette carpet

Newest Models of Ribbed moquette carpet

New models of Ribbed moquette carpet  have different designs and colors and are sold in all carpet stores. But how is a new polyester carpet. Color polyester and acrylic carpet color is almost the same, but polyester is sensitive to alcoholic detergents and over time, it loses its original color due to washing. Polyester fibers used in carpet are very thin and have a lower lifespan than acrylic carpet. Polyester rugs do not have the ability to wash too much and lose their initial state. As stated above, the durability and strength of the polyester carpet is low and objects such as the base of the sofa, chair, etc. on the carpet will cause compression at that point and its effects remain. Because of the same benefits, all families are looking for Newest Models of Ribbed moquette carpet.This model has been the best-selling and most popular type of carpet in recent years. Iran is one of the best producers of this carpet that exports its products to other countries. commercial carpet for home At a reasonable price, more discounts and after-sales service are features of Iran’s products. 

t Is it good to use commercial carpet for home?

t Is it good to use commercial carpet for home?Commerce and carpets official dealer with the aim of customer satisfaction , they have been producing High quality carpets to give beauty to Iranian homes.These manufacturers have succeeded in their business. They believe that lower product prices will make more purchases.  

carpet for commercial use have the essential and important features :   

  1. Suitable price 
  2. Varied design 
  3. Various colors
  4. Suitable size  
  5. Excellent material 
  6. After sales service  
  7. Free installation 

Over the past few years, Iran has been able to pass through boycotts and, given the difficult economic conditions, it is successful in producing carpet and exports its products to other countries. United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, Japan are the best carpet importers in the world.The countries of China, Belgium, the Netherlands, Iran and India are from carpet exporter countries. 

However, Is it good to use commercial carpet for home?The answer to this question is yes. Because if you are looking for a carpet that can be used for many years, as well as sound insulation and heat insulation, it has a high durability and thickness. We offer you this model of carpet., gray commercial carpet With a lot of features is a family-safe choice.  

Is gray commercial carpet the best color of Moquette?

Is gray commercial carpet the best color of Moquette?Using colors such as gray for small spaces is not Suitable Because dark colors seems space less than their reality. But the use of dark colors makes space friendly. This property occurs due to the absorption of light in this color.  

Dark colors like gray commercial carpet are used in many cases. If the ceiling of the house is tall, it should be used Dark colors Because the dark colors show less height. Also, the use of dark colors in old spaces can cover space shortages and environmental crashes.  

You should never use dark colors in the environment, Because It makes House space sad. For this reason, it’s better to combine bright and dark colors together. The summary is that gray commercial carpet is the most suitable option for an ideal purchase.  

Where to Find Moquette & carpet for commercial use?

Where to Find Moquette & carpet for commercial use?If you have a hotel or office that you want to use commercial carpets, or if you want to use this model for your home. We offer you to purchase from official carpet dealers. By providing the right conditions, These centers will guide you through shopping. But maybe ask where are these official dealers? There are many centers in Tehran and other cities selling quality commercial carpets.These centers sell at a lower price than other Sellers. In these centers, suitable carpets of rooms and corridors, offices, hotels and other spaces are sold. 

Make your home stylish and beautiful by buying Iranian carpet. Because you can choose your model according to your home decoration.