Wall To Wall Carpet That Looks Like Sisal. Polytrimethylene terephthalate or PTT is a very new fiber with a chemical molecular composition that is very similar to polyester to the point that it is sometimes referred to as a modified polyester. The full name of these fibers is “PTM” and is actually the newest type of polyester fiber. Triexta is the latest fiber in the carpet world. The fibers were invented and marketed by DUPONT, the inventor of nylon fibers. Triexta fibers are also known as Sorona brand in the market.

Wall To Wall Carpet That Looks Like Sisal| Lightweight and various colors of Wall Carpets For Export

What is a sisal carpet?

What is a sisal carpet?sisal carpet

One of the most attractive Triexta fibers is their compatibility with the environment. Triexta fibers, like polyester fibers, are fully recyclable, but the disadvantages of polyester fibers in these fibers have been completely eliminated. About thirty-seven percent of corn glucose (instead of petroleum compounds) is used. Another point is that in the production of these fibers, sixty-three percent less greenhouse gas is produced and imported into the atmosphere than nylon fibers are produced. The property causes the Triexta carpet to absorb very little water and does not absorb moisture. The low water uptake of Triexta fibers increases resistance to stainability in these fibers. Carpet made of Triexta fibers exhibits excellent resistance to stainability, and on the other hand, many stains created on carpeting made of Triexta fibers can be easily and simply wiped clean. One of the most notable features of Triexta carpet is that almost any stain can be completely wiped off with just a little warm water. Very good show. Since Triexta fibers are generally dyed as Solution Dyeing, the fading and tinting of this Triexta carpet is not seen. They look more opaque than polyester carpets.

Advantages of sisal carpets

Advantages of sisal carpetstuftex carpet

Triexta carpets are more durable than polyester carpets, and the durability of these carpets may be comparable to those of nylon carpets. Also, Triexta carpets have more flexibility and reversibility than fibers (polyester carpets). They are very soft like polyester carpets. Even sometimes it is stated that the Triexta carpet is softer than the polyester and nylon carpeting. The superiority of the technical characteristics of the Triexta carpet over the nylon carpeting is clearly visible in the table above. Recall that since these cartridges are not as long-lasting as nylon carpets, it is difficult to predict and estimate the life of these cartridges in the current situation. Perhaps the most important drawback to Triexta cartridges now is that one cannot answer definitively the durability of the cartridges over time, and the answer to this question must be timed, at the end of the day. Let’s say that, on average, Triexta carpets are priced lower than nylon carpets.

Are sisal carpets good for used in outdoors?

Are sisal carpets good for used in outdoors?wool carpet

Natural wool is the oldest fiber used in all textiles including carpet (wool carpet). The fibers are intrinsically flexible, very soft and durable without being contaminated and easily cleaned of dirt. Woven fiberglass carpets are soft, luxurious, and have a great natural feel. Durability and Durability: Wool fibers are naturally elastic and flexible, although they have elasticity and flexibility. It is less durable than nylon fibers, but the texture of the carpet surface in the wool carpet is well maintained and durable. Wool fibers are also highly reversible (meaning that the fibers can be restored to their original shape after being put to bed). Lower. In addition, woolen carpets are also very effective in absorbing sound. The weakness of wool carpets in terms of durability is the potential for damage by insects and vermin. Wool carpets have weaknesses with respect to fungi, mildews and animals, which can be remedied by methods.

Buy & Sell Sisal Carpet At Best Price

Buy & Sell Sisal Carpet At Best Priceberber carpet

Stain Resistance: Wool carpet stain is more than synthetic fibers (wool carpets are less resistant to stain) and this is due to the high water absorption in wool fibers. falls down. However, due to the high water absorption properties, many stains can also be removed and completely removed from the carpet surface. The best time to clean stains on wool carpet is to produce stains and stains. Soil Resistance Fibers are very different from dust absorption and stain resistance. Wool carpets (and wool fibers in general) have good resistance to dust absorption. The reason for this feature is also the microscopic scale of these natural fibers. For example, it is not recommended to use wool carpet as a bathing pad, humid areas or in areas with high humidity. This is because of the natural nature of these fibers. Imprisoned moisture in woolen carpets dries up to the logo, which can expose the carpet to the dangers of mold and mold. For this reason, when using carpet in humid climates, the air conditioning system should control the humidity of the room and reduce it if needed.

Different types of carpets and their demand in global market

Different types of carpets and their demand in global market

sisal rug

As you know, new carpet models for the home flooring in the living room, living room or bedroom mean getting the most out of the interior decoration that will make your home look and feel great for a long time. The tops that give carpet to your home decoration can be easily, comfortably, simply and elegantly. If you are careful about choosing a carpet and choosing the right carpet for your home, choose the right carpet without the plans. Crowded and foul-mouthed, it does. Because carpet flooring is the best floor coverings for homes that use stone and ceramics. Stone flooring in the winter If you do not have a proper heating system, there will be a lot of cold, which will put your feet on the floor with an unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling. Since carpeting from a long time ago, because of the comfort and comfort it brings, is one of the first choices for any family home decoration. Carpets can be set with a variety of furniture and curtains. What is remarkable is that the universal carpet brings the beauty, color and design to your living room. Both the carpet and the carpet, due to their tangible and delicate texture, stylize the straight lines and geometric architecture of your room.

Flame Resistance: The wool naturally exhibits good fire resistance and is also suitable for fire flame melting and flame dripping. The carpet won’t burn, but the effect of a cigarette burn will remain. In another example, it may be argued that placing a carpet on the fireplace may not be appropriate because of the flames, but if we do, wool carpeting is definitely the best option. Woolen fibers require more maintenance than other fibers (synthetic fibers). As a result, wool fibers are likely to be harmed by insects and insect animals. Nowadays, wool is resistant to this problem by materials and methods and this problem has been solved. This loss of fiber occurs due to the shortness of some strands of fiber and over time the carpet loses some of its fibers. Of course, this does not affect the quality and performance of your carpet, but it does increase the need for carpet cleaning.

How to identify best qualities of sisal carpet?

How to identify best qualities of sisal carpet?sisal fabric

You don’t need to be an expert to buy or choose a carpet for the space. With a little study and carpeting, you can make the best choice in terms of performance. You may have seen graphic signs on carpets (and other flooring) and wondered what these signs mean. These signs or Pictograms can make it easy for you to choose and buy a carpet, and are the best carpet buying and carpet guide for you if you know them and can use them. In the past years, a unique and complete classification system has been developed in the European Union to determine the use of textiles, resin flooring and laminate flooring to enable a quick and comprehensive examination of carpet users and other flooring products. Bring. This comprehensive system examines and classifies flooring according to EN ISO 10874, which includes many other standards.- Space used: To classify the space used for carpeting, according to EN 1307 ( Classification of flooring textiles) There are six different classes. Three different categories for carpets used in residential environments and three different categories for carpets used in public environments.

Various colors of sisal carpet and their global price

Various colors of sisal carpet and their global pricesofter than sisal

Carpet Luxury Classifications: One of the most important criteria in carpet classification is their car class. Carpets vary in the degree of luxury (softness, ease of walking) depending on the type of fiber, texture, design, etc. This value is represented by the following symbols and is categorized into five levels. It is easy to understand how luxurious these symbols are, with the highest degree of luxury being Class 5a with five crowns. Wheelchair Tolerance: Due to the wheelchair pressure on the carpet it is necessary for spaces where people with disabilities are likely to Wheelchairs There must be carpets that are able to withstand the pressure caused by wheelchairs. Suitable for use on stairs: When carpets are installed on the stairs, part of the carpet that is on the corners and corners of the stairs. It is affected by high pressure and stress. The stairs – are categorized according to the type of space and the amount of traffic. The floors of a flooring are resistant to slipping. This resistance is specified in accordance with EN 14041. Electrical and Antistatic Properties: Static electricity created by friction between the floor and plastic materials such as shoes, wheel motions or the like will remain static due to its static nature. Safety requirements in some areas Or regulations on some sensitive devices and … force the discharge or scattering of electricity in the floor space. In these spaces the use of flooring that disperses or discharges electric charges is mandatory. Occasionally, due to the importance of space and the high sensitivity of safety, it is important to know the type of discharge. Antistatic carpets are divided into two categories based on performance. The selection and preference of these two types will be determined according to the technical requirements of the project.

Global Price list of Wall to Wall carpets

Global Price list of Wall to Wall carpets

Polypropylene or olefin fibers are polymeric and synthetic fibers that look similar to wool fibers and are ethylene-propylene based. These fibers are cheaper than nylon and polyester fibers, which is why Carpets made with polypropylene (olefin) fibers are cheaper than other carpets, such as wool and nylon carpets, and are suitable for less-budget projects. However, in the use of carpets made with olefin or polypropylene fibers it is necessary to pay attention to the limitations and capabilities of these fibers. . This means that these fibers are completely suppressed after being exposed for a while and will not be able to return to their original state. These fibers are also less resistant to crushing and compression. This is directly related to the structure of polypropylene (olefin) fibers and can be considered as a limitation and weakness for these fibers. To compensate for this weakness, carpets made of polypropylene (olefin) fibers are generally woven into the “loop” method. Polypropylene fibers (olefins) perform best in short-loop carpets. (Due to the characteristics of polypropylene fibers, it is recommended to use short length rings in the carpet texture.) Durability of carpet polypropylene (olefin) polypropylene fibers are resistant to UV (UV). It shows excellent color durability. As these fibers are generally dyed as Solution Dyeing, the fading and tinting of these fibers do not occur. These carpets are also very resistant to mold and fungi and have a good performance against static electricity. It has very low water absorption and is very resistant to stain. In addition, carpets made of polypropylene (olefin) fibers are also highly resistant to chemicals, so that even detergents and bleachers do not have a detrimental effect on these fibers. Carpeting with polypropylene fibers (olefins), is less than greasy and greasy stains and these stains are not easily cleaned. For this reason, it is not recommended to use these carpets in areas such as dining rooms and dining rooms and other areas where oil spills are likely to leak. Have. These fibers, in addition to being resistant to moisture, also dry out very quickly, which makes them easy to use in wet areas.

Specification of the Sisal carpets

Specification of the Sisal carpets

Soil Resistance to Polypropylene Carpet (Olefin)

The resistance of the fibers to dust absorption differs substantially from the resistance to stainability. Carpets woven from polypropylene (olefin) fibers absorb dust. This feature can be both positive and negative. If you use these carpets as an antique, this property will be a positive feature of these carpets. But overall this property makes these carpets more in need of cleaning and cleaning. Given all of the above, when selecting a carpet with polypropylene (olefin) for a space, the following should be considered: Considered:

Due to the low wear resistance of woven carpets of these fibers, these carpets are not recommended for use in high traffic areas and high wear. It is recommended to use these carpets in places with low traffic, residential or commercial areas. Of course, these carpets can be used as shelter in high-traffic areas. Woven carpets of polypropylene (olefin) fibers due to their very low water absorption are suitable for use in wet, underground and open spaces. Woven carpets of short-loop weave polypropylene fibers can also be used as outdoor carpets. Upholstered carpets can be used in areas such as dining halls and dining rooms and Other areas where oil spills are likely to be leaked are not recommended.

Inexpensive Carpet

The third model of carpet tufting, called Cut-Loop, is a combination of two methods in the carpet texture process. In this type of carpet, special designs can be created by combining two methods, each of which has its own beauty and personality. The Catech-Loop Tuffing Carpet inherits the softness of the Tuffing Cutting durability and durability from the Loop Tuffing Carpet to meet the audience’s needs in the range between the two types of cut and loop.

Before you buy a tufted carpet you need to clearly specify your need. If you are looking for the softness and comfort of your desired space, like the bedroom, check out the designs and colors of the Tuffing Cut Carpet. If you want to use the carpet in spaces, choose the loop tufts layout and colors in the selection list, and finally, if you see a combination of these two for your space. Carpet-loop tufted carpet designs and colors can be the best option to choose.

Inexpensive Carpet |How to Choose the Best one?

How is the Quality of Inexpensive Wall to Wall Carpets?

How is the  Quality of Inexpensive Wall to Wall Carpets? wall to wall carpet home

Tufting carpet quality and Tuffing carpet prices

Tufted carpet prices are much more suitable than floors, such as rock, ceramics and parquet. But the wide range of prices offered for this carpet will confuse you to choose the right carpet. Tufted carpet prices are based on the type of fiber used, the height of the pews and the density of the texture varies. The use of high-quality fibers increases the durability of carpets and prevents the change of carpet’s early state. Therefore, the type of fiber used is an indicator that influences the price of tufted carpet. The height of the peas will be determined according to your needs. It is obvious that the carpet fleece was louder, increasing the material used there. The carpet prices will increase as well as the increase in materials used in carpeting.

Which Cities in Iran Are Producing Inexpensive Wall to Wall Carpets?

Which Cities in Iran Are Producing Inexpensive Wall to Wall Carpets?wall to wall carpet prices square feet

One of the most important determinants of carpet quality is its texture density. The texture density is actually the number of fibers in the carpet area. The higher the number, the higher the carpeting density, the better its quality, the durable carpet and its longer life. Carpet density also affects the price of carpet tufts. But keep in mind that the cost for a quality carpet will be better in the long run.

According to the tips, when shopping for Tuffing carpet, you will be faced with different prices, which should be chosen according to your requirement and quality of carpet. Note also that determining the quality of carpets for ordinary people is difficult, but it can be relied on brand-name brands to ensure the quality of carpets. Purchasing from reputable dealers and paying attention to after sales services is another way to ensure the quality of carpets purchased.

Which Models are Inexpensive Wall to Wall Carpets?

Which Models are Inexpensive Wall to Wall Carpets?wall to wall carpet trends

Most people are more interested in buying carpets than in other designs. The beauty of the carpet and its compatibility with the decoration of space is of great importance to anyone. For that reason, the change in the color of the carpet is a factor that can quickly regret your choice. Durable carpet does not simply lose its color and design due to the standard process of painting on it. Even after several washings, this carpet will retain its original color.

Buying carpet tufts requires knowing the tips that can help you choose the best and most suitable option. Do not miss out on half the correct paths by trusted brands and referring to their reputable dealers and taking advantage of the advice and services provided.

Where to Use Inexpensive Wall to Wall Carpets?

Where to Use Inexpensive Wall to Wall Carpets?Do not worry about the layout and color of the carpet tufts!

The variety of designs and colors available in carpet tufts and carpets in general is much greater than other types of flooring. Flooring as one of the main components of decoration of space should be consistent with other components in the decoration. Usually floors such as stone, ceramics and parquet are neutral colors due to the impossibility of producing different designs and colors so that they can be used in designing different spaces. But in the carpet it’s different, the variety of designs and colors in the carpet makes it possible to safely decorate the interior of different spaces and even use the lighter colors such as blue, pink, yellow, etc. on the floor. In fact, in order to choose the desired decoration components, you do not need to first go to carpet. To do this, it’s best to start with a selection of ingredients that have less variety of designs and colors, then go to the floor and choose the carpet based on your decoration character.

Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette Carpet is excellent one. The word carpet has a French root. In fact, Carpet is pronounced in English. Carpet is a very popular carpet. In the houses. At offices On the floor of some cars. In planes. On the floor of the show. At movie theaters. In theaters and conference halls, other hotels are used. In hotels, carpets are used for floor coverings. Carpets have different types of quality. Some of them have a high thickness and a lot of pearls. Others are Kota fibers . 

Some of its cheap types are made from glue for fibers. In expensive types of fibers are woven together. Or a combination of glue and tissue for fibers. Polyester carpets have the largest volume of production. Because they are very reciprocal. And they have a good price. There are also various woolen carpets. These carpets excel in all respects on polyester types. But they have a weakness. That is, they are expensive. Purchasing these carpets for specific purposes. It is also used for expensive hotels. Or for ceremonial venues . 

Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette Carpet

Why carpet is popular

Carpet is a flooring that has its own fans due to its abundance. Features such as sound absorption, good sense of movement when moving, the ability to wrap designs and colors with other parts of space and so on. Some carpets have a higher standard of quality and standard, and in addition to longer durability, they create countless options for design. Lacquer carpets are available in rolls and tiles, and then you can see the top brands of them . 

Highlights on carpet selection

Highlights on carpet selectionAt the first step, pay attention to the space you want to carpet it with. The amount of traffic is one of the important factors in choosing a carpet. If you are looking for suitable carpets for spaces such as a corridor or living space, use durable, sturdy and thick carpets. Traffic is high in spaces such as the hallway, entrance and living space, and if you choose a lush carpet for these spaces, they will soon lose their beauty and shape. Carpet is the main component of home decoration . 

Caring for Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette & Carpet

Caring for Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette & CarpetIn the next step, think about how much care you are from the floor? Keep yourself straight. If you have a small child at home. Or have a crowded family. Your carpet is likely to become dirty at short intervals. Full of food and dust particles and so on. And you must clean it sooner. If you have a small child at home. The importance of this work becomes twofold. Because kids usually play on the floor. And contamination of the floor may cause your child’s illness. Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette Carpet are good. 

Choose colored carpets

Now that you have chosen your carpet type and sex. It’s time to choose the color. Consider the space of space. And with that, specify the color range. In general, brightly colored floorboards show great space. Dark flooring makes the space look a little smaller. If you have a small space and want to look big and bright. When choosing a carpet color, go to brightly colored models. It also shows small space carpets. Multicolored carpets and dark colored carpets show slightly smaller space. Do not forget this point too. However, none of these laws and regulations are indisputable. If you like , you can choose dark blue carpet for a small space. Be sure what your personal taste is. The best choice for your home decoration will be. use Polyester Fiber Ribbed moquette Carpet. 

Newest Models of Ribbed moquette carpet

Newest Models of Ribbed moquette carpet

New models of Ribbed moquette carpet  have different designs and colors and are sold in all carpet stores. But how is a new polyester carpet. Color polyester and acrylic carpet color is almost the same, but polyester is sensitive to alcoholic detergents and over time, it loses its original color due to washing. Polyester fibers used in carpet are very thin and have a lower lifespan than acrylic carpet. Polyester rugs do not have the ability to wash too much and lose their initial state. As stated above, the durability and strength of the polyester carpet is low and objects such as the base of the sofa, chair, etc. on the carpet will cause compression at that point and its effects remain. Because of the same benefits, all families are looking for Newest Models of Ribbed moquette carpet.This model has been the best-selling and most popular type of carpet in recent years. Iran is one of the best producers of this carpet that exports its products to other countries. commercial carpet for home At a reasonable price, more discounts and after-sales service are features of Iran’s products. 

t Is it good to use commercial carpet for home?

t Is it good to use commercial carpet for home?Commerce and carpets official dealer with the aim of customer satisfaction , they have been producing High quality carpets to give beauty to Iranian homes.These manufacturers have succeeded in their business. They believe that lower product prices will make more purchases.  

carpet for commercial use have the essential and important features :   

  1. Suitable price 
  2. Varied design 
  3. Various colors
  4. Suitable size  
  5. Excellent material 
  6. After sales service  
  7. Free installation 

Over the past few years, Iran has been able to pass through boycotts and, given the difficult economic conditions, it is successful in producing carpet and exports its products to other countries. United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, Japan are the best carpet importers in the world.The countries of China, Belgium, the Netherlands, Iran and India are from carpet exporter countries. 

However, Is it good to use commercial carpet for home?The answer to this question is yes. Because if you are looking for a carpet that can be used for many years, as well as sound insulation and heat insulation, it has a high durability and thickness. We offer you this model of carpet., gray commercial carpet With a lot of features is a family-safe choice.  

Is gray commercial carpet the best color of Moquette?

Is gray commercial carpet the best color of Moquette?Using colors such as gray for small spaces is not Suitable Because dark colors seems space less than their reality. But the use of dark colors makes space friendly. This property occurs due to the absorption of light in this color.  

Dark colors like gray commercial carpet are used in many cases. If the ceiling of the house is tall, it should be used Dark colors Because the dark colors show less height. Also, the use of dark colors in old spaces can cover space shortages and environmental crashes.  

You should never use dark colors in the environment, Because It makes House space sad. For this reason, it’s better to combine bright and dark colors together. The summary is that gray commercial carpet is the most suitable option for an ideal purchase.  

Where to Find Moquette & carpet for commercial use?

Where to Find Moquette & carpet for commercial use?If you have a hotel or office that you want to use commercial carpets, or if you want to use this model for your home. We offer you to purchase from official carpet dealers. By providing the right conditions, These centers will guide you through shopping. But maybe ask where are these official dealers? There are many centers in Tehran and other cities selling quality commercial carpets.These centers sell at a lower price than other Sellers. In these centers, suitable carpets of rooms and corridors, offices, hotels and other spaces are sold. 

Make your home stylish and beautiful by buying Iranian carpet. Because you can choose your model according to your home decoration.  

Moquette Carpet Dubai type is one of the most popular carpets. It has many designs and variety. One of them is plain carpets. These kind of carpets are a good alternative in the cold weather. If you
follow for purchasing the carpets for your living room, these carpets can be
the perfect choice because of their varieties. The same carpets indicate usefulness
in all sides of the rooms. As its name proposes, these carpets are fantastic
based on the length and breadth of the walls. You can simply catch cheap
Moquette Carpet. The type of plain carpets is most popular all around the world. 

Moquette Carpet Dubai | Where to Find Cheapest Moquette Carpet

Best Wholesale of plain carpets diggle

Best Wholesale of plain carpets diggle Moquette Carpet Dubai items are the best wholesale of plain carpets which is considered so far. Most of professional traders decide to import plain carpets in bulk and at wholesale price. Moquette Carpet center indicates
by its affordability, availability and quality assurance. Based on the
advertisement, from the machine made well traditional and novel to traditional,
Persian carpets and rugs and custom-made carpets and rugs, we must know we catch
something to suit our house, our style and your money. Taking a free home test
for our carpet or rug before we buy shows that we offer the satisfaction by
guarantee. So plain carpets is affordable and beneficial. 

how much does cheap wall to wall carpet cost?

how much does cheap wall to wall carpet cost?

The wall to wall carpet prices are considered based on their quality of
the fabrics of the carpets. The average of price is between 980 to 1680 dollar. Wall to wall carpet prices also are estimated by
the medium of production, for example price of the handmade carpets is more
than the ready made wall to wall carpets. Wall to wall carpets supply much excellence to the viewpoint
of the interior and have a profit towards other carpets. It is highly trending
in the most company office interiors and shopping malls. There are all classifications
of the wall to wall carpet prices range so if you need any sort of cheap wall
to wall carpets in Moquette Carpet Dubai
office. Some professional traders search in online way by how much does cheap wall to wall carpet cost. By this strategy, they can have better business.


Does wool wall to wall carpet cost too much?

Does wool wall to wall carpet cost too much? As mentioned, wall to wall carpets have the variety in design and size. It costs three to seven dollar per square foot. Moquette Carpet Dubai center offer various carpets and rugs by multiple designs and prices. Moquette carpet center is a
famous place for all your inner and external need. We focus in all sorts of
Rugs, customized Rugs and have the highest beautiful item ironic gathering of
Customized Rugs. You can choose from the extensive types of Rugs obtainable at furniture
and you similarly get the alternative to brand a modified order of rugs Dubai
We will search a selected collection of patch rugs, contemporary area
rugs, carpets, other handmade wool area rugs and other types. We can have
machine made and Handmade Patch work rugs made of Silk and Wool. 
It shows sense to concentrate on one room during a time to confine
disruptions to our house and to keep runaway costs under keeping. Wool wall to wall carpet cost depends on its design and size. 

moquette carpet dubai at wholesale Price

moquette carpet dubai at wholesale Price

Where produced in traditional way or city surroundings, Moquette carpet
Dubai have various kinds. The weaver related the texture division over
the twists of the classification the use of many different knots. Each carpet
is produced to a structure, instead of whether that pattern is duplicated from
a difficult plan plate or is motivated by the guide of the weaver, their
condition and their method of life is observed at the type of carpet. Moquette Carpets are the best sorts
of rugs or carpets for a while. It indicates the best production level of
Persian carpet producers that are related to this work from an old time. Based
on made by hand, Moquette Carpets
are much expensive than other sorts. Hence, it is utilized finest material to build,
and having a long time to be finished.